White Net Lace Ceiling Bed Canopy

White Net Lace Ceiling Bed Canopy

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These sheer white lace bed curtains have a delicate sense of romance that will make your bedroom a sanctuary. Inspired by the great bed chambers of princesses and queens, this ceiling suspended bed canopy will let you bring a little touch of royalty to your home.

This one of a kind canopy consists of a durable cable frame that is secured in the ceiling adjacent to the four corners of your bed. Eight net lace sheer curtains are suspended from the cable via rod pocket top and easily slide open or closed.

This durable canopy can be used with any type of bed, and mounts to ceiling with four holes in your ceiling, and no damage to your bed.

If you are interested in other colors, please message us directly prior to purchase.

This Bed Canopy includes the following components:

Custom detailed instructions

All required hardware

Eight 98" long net/lace sheer white curtains


Please note, the following tools are required to install your canopy kit and they are NOT included in your purchase:

Measuring tape

Pencil with eraser

Screw driver (any size will work)

Duct tape or electrical tape

Adjustable wrench

Cable cutters or hack saw

Drill, with 3/4" and 7/32" bits